-Joy Baer

Providing transformation solutions to investors and executive teams with specialized focus in ROI-Centric business strategies, brand strategies, and agile marketing strategies for the healthy living consumer brands.

Annie’s Homegrown

Transformed VC-backed Annie's Homegrown from a single product line brand to multiple product lines across multiple categories fueling accelerated growth in sales and market share. Pioneered the emerging Organic Food CPG category, setting the gold standard model for value creation.Developed new product road map for long term growth. Outcome: Prolific brand expansion and brand leadership established Annie’s as the leading organic kids’ brand in the US market resulting ing a successful exit to General Mills for $820 M in 2014.

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Championed UK-based Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food’s disruptive launch and acceleration in the US market. Developed and executed US market entry strategy, putting together virtual teams across the US, partnering with key retailers and building a brand ambassador program ignite demand. Outcome: Accelerated scalable growth in company value from $0 revenue to $70M in 4 years and a victorious exit to Hain Celestial Group for $104M in 2013. 

Kevita Probiotic

Catapulted KeVita Probiotic Beverage from its early stage to becoming the fastest growing functional beverage brand. Developed innovative business and marketing strategies designed to ignite demand and accelerate traction.  Outcome: Well-orchestrated rollout plan together with a scalable growth capacity led to a successful exit to PepsiCo for $200M+ in 2016.

Restaged Bare Foods

Transformed Bare Snacks into an emerging mission-driven, positive nutrition brand in the disruptive Alterna-chip snack category. Developed and executed disruptive brand strategy to reposition the brand, restage packaging and agile tactics to hook consumer fanatics for scalable growth. Developed aggressive new product innovation strategy to expand the portfolio across multiple channels of distribution. Outcome: Accelerated sales growth and market share capture resulted in a prosperous exit to PepsiCo for $200M in 2018. 

Rejuvenated Bird’s Eye mature brand to dynamic relevance and growth with innovative consumer-driven strategies from repositioning, Sku rationalization, product and Ops improvements to innovation, pioneering a new value-added category: – One Step Frozen Skillet Meals “VOILA!”. Propelled product ideation, commercialization and go-to-market rollout.   Outcome: Renewed brand innovation reversed revenue loss to soaring revenue growth (+58% vs YA), market share gains, new channels and robust ROI, resulting in a successful exit to Dean Foods followed by Pinnacle Foods, now ConAgra.

Transformed early-stage Acme Ice Cream brand into a fast-growing emerging brand in the premium ice cream category, capturing competitor ACV and market share. Directed company infrastructure installation and setup strategic partnerships with new suppliers, distributors. grocery, c-store, D2C online, and high-growth healthy food retailers.  Repositioned the brand and introduced new products to open new channels. Outcome: Sales revenue increased 87% in the first year with continued growth taking the category by storm.

Premier Protein brand

Charted growth strategy for Post Holdings Venture, Premier Protein brand, from market research data mining to identifying growing consumer trends, producing impactful new product roadmap, and rollout of new product lines and line extensions. Outcome: Annual sales growth 30%+, year after year, yielding a successful IPO for Bellring Brands, including Premier Protein, PowerBar, and Joint Juice.

Partnered with AT&T’s spinoff, Lucent Technologies Executive Leadership to identify and develop its global brand positioning and primary messaging in the emerging telecommunications infrastructure business. Defined the core brand ideology to capture and express Lucent’s values, leading the integration throughout the organization for a cultural transformation. OUTCOME: Established a positive brand equity, earning the brand the highest ranking in favorability of investment potential, quality of management and reputation over Alcatel, Nortel, Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson, IBM and AT&T. Lucent became a "darling" stock of the investment community, achieving rapid growth market cap and a share price increase of 1011%!


Resuscitated sluggish sales of Valvoline Motor Oil product line using Agile Marketing techniques. Deployed consumer response-based segmentation, to identify new customer segments, channels and messaging tactics, testing before launching a results-driven, high ROI, scale up across markets. Outcome: Sales revenue surge boosted market share to second largest player in the category.


Stabilized a faltering product line for DuPont home care products through developing and implementing a strategic packaging re-stage using consumer-friendly messaging and 360° tactical outreach. Outcome: Revitalized product line revenue resulted in portfolio expansion for the Division.

Developed inclusive strategy to position a Sierra ski town seeking urban transformation. Initiated inclusive Town Hall meetings to foster a new citizenship culture, managing controversy with civility, of conflicting stakeholder views –Public Private Partnership, Chamber of Commerce and 16,000 NIMBY residents– to unite them around a shared purpose.   Outcome: positioning platform, "Base Camp for a Big Life" brought influx of new year-round residents to provide more year-round work opportunities for resort workers, narrowing the income divide, making Truckee a more just city. The Wall Street Journal affirmed Truckee as “The Coolest, Under-the-Radar Ski Town in the American West” in 2019.