“When the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

                                                                                                Anaïs Nin





Erin is an expert at bringing brands to life. She is intelligent, intuitive, a true professional that always seems to over deliver no matter how lofty the expectation. Any team seeking to grow their business and enhance their brand would be well served to enlist Erin’s help. I would highly recommend her.

Matt Fuller, President at Bare Snacks

Erin has been instrumental in growing my wine business. She led us through two brand re-stages resulting in increased consumer and distributor demand; developed strategic business and marketing initiatives that continue to serve the business well. Erin has been an inspirational influence on my team, working seamlessly to gets us to higher levels, wonderful business and “Esprit de Corps” results. I highly recommend Erin!

Tom Meadowcroft, President and Winegrower at Meadowcroft Wines

Erin gets things done. On time, under budget. Needs little management.

Bradford Oberwager, CEO at Bare Foods

Erin is a high energy, smart, and committed professional. She is a straight shooter, and a true leader who has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve, and is able to rally others behind her.

Alex Nasard, President Western Europe & Global Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken

Erin brilliantly executed against positioning recommendations in a brand revitalization project. She brought the ideas to life with clarity, consistency and vitality – fully dimensionalizing the brand experience.

John Grubb, Managing Partner at Sterling-Rice Group

Erin is relentless in finding solutions to help grow businesses, no matter how challenging the goal. 

Her energy, strategic and pragmatic thinking, and ability to execute are the key attributes that set her apart. Erin is a masterful, “get it done” pro. Give her a goal and she’ll execute against it. She makes it look easy and makes us all look good in the process! I would hire Erin again.

Jim Smiley, Director, DuPont USA

Erin is an exceptionally capable and highly-talented business and marketing strategist and an accomplished creative developer for growing CPG brands. Her approach is results-oriented, consistently delivering tactical execution with style and flair to grow brand value. 

At ÆGIS, she worked effectively with multi-functional teams and in collaboration with the senior management of brands as diverse as Lucent Technologies, Tropicana, International Paper, Birds Eye Foods, Hallmark, and Duty Free Shopping. I highly recommend Erin.

Strengths: integrity, expertise, creativity, on time

Gerron Vartan, President/CEO of ÆGIS Partners, Inc. Management and Marketing Strategy Consulting


Working with Erin was a real treat for me! She was an out-of-the-box thinker with original ideas and creative excitement in her presentations and product innovations. Erin always had an upbeat attitude with an abiltity to listen to others and expound on their thoughts and ideas too. As a marketer, she understood sales and communitcated with the sales team, which was essential element to any companies success. Erin is a great marketing talent and would kick start any business or company with creative, innovative and fresh new idea's to be very successful and not just a me-too business.

Karen L. Borie, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Valley Fine Foods

Erin is a rock star at helping organizations find a new paradigms for business growth. 
Her highly intelligent personable style, is patient with working with senior management, taking the time to understand the organization and its needs. She understands the entire marketing ecosystem and works diligently to deliver value. 
She's a strong critical thinker and thought leader who adds value to every project she touches. 
Her final presentation to my entire organization was extremely motivating and brought the team together, excited about the future. I highly recommend Erin. 
Strengths: Expertise, Integrity, Creativity, Ability to Flex to Business Needs

Bob DeCecco, CPA, Chairman & CEO at As Seen On TV & Infusion Brands International, Inc. (ASTV - OTCBB)

I have been working with Erin for the last several years and I found her to be one of the most outstanding marketing experts in the industry. She has a keen knowledge of the consumer and their buying habits. More importantly, she has integrity. She is truly an individual that you would want to work with to help launch your products!

Royce Milam, Food & Beverages Sales Professional

I have known Erin Fray for over half of my life. She is beyond bright, extremely smart, focused and excellent at execution. Her strength lies in her attention to detail and strong understanding of human connections. She is part quarterback and part coach all rolled into one package. 
Any company would be most fortunate to work with her.

Scilla Andreen, CEO & Co-Founder of IndieFlix

Erin is a versatile manager with experience in consumer packaged goods marketing and sales. If you have a new product to introduce to the market, are a start-up company or are an overseas company looking to enter the US market, Erin can be of great help.

James Kilmer, Managing Partner, The Opal Group

Having known Erin for more than twenty years, I can attest that she is brilliant, dynamic, energetic, creative, passionate, and smart. When we were students together at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley, I had the opportunity to work with Erin on numerous projects and was always impressed with her commitment to success and delivering the best output. 

A one of a kind gem, upon graduation I fully expected Erin's career to flourish into a success story and I've not at all been disappointed. 

Erin remains engaged with her MBA classmates and was generous enough to offer her tremendous skill set in planning and marketing our five and ten year class reunions.

Frank Hundley, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch

Erin is a highly skilled and experienced branding/marketing strategist. She possesses a unique and impressive blend of creativity and professionalism. I highly recommend Erin, as she is a talented straight-shooter who will undoubtedly be a fierce advocate for your brand.

Lisa Feldsher, Partner, Mind Over Media PR

Erin and Luminous Brands are an amazingly creative resource. I've worked her twice now to help engineer the launch of small brands. 

For each of them, she's guided the clients, gently held their hands, and shared her vast expertise to help them take the proper steps to getting their products on the shelves and into customers' hands. 

She's brilliant, creative, personable, fun, and very reasonably priced for her level of experience. If you need brand guidance or marketing expertise for any retail product, I highly recommend Erin Fray.

Gil Zeimer, Senior Copywriter/Account Manager at Healthcare Success Strategies & Zeimer's Advertising Shoppe

Erin transformed my company through total reposition from One Week Health to Health To Happiness Inc. and Ltd. She was instrumental in transforming our 'One Week Diet System' to becoming something far more appealing and differentiated with 'The Swedish Diet'. . She developed marketing strategy, and advertising campaigns, including a new TV ad, targeted banner ads and website content. She has helped us create a more "user friendly shopping experience", which I think is very good for building long term customer relationships in the online world. She is highly motivated so keeps us all on track. 

She works globally, with the Swedish office, the UK office and the US office, and multiple agencies to skillfully unify the strategies and execution across the countries to deliver exactly what I am looking for to grow my business. She brings an excellent long range view, attention to detail, incredible energy, understands how to build brands, adaptable, solution oriented. My business is far better off now with the inputs and direction Erin has provided us, that I hate to think where we would be today with her. She has so much experience that nothing surprises her. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate her a 10, professional and on time

Dennis Bergstrom, Owner Health to Happiness, CEO The Swedish Diet

“I worked with Erin on a project to refresh brand & packaging architecture and found her to be very insightful. She challenged our group to think outside the box and delivered well on the expectations of our project team.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative

Jeff Frank, President & CEO at MegaMex Foods, LLC (A Joint Venture between Hormel Foods Corporation and Herdez del Fuerte S.A. de C.V.)

“Erin is a brand visionary. She can chart the course for brand growth unlike anyone I have ever seen. She is careful to understand the business objective and set the strategies for the business before she rolls her sleeves up for tactical execution. I worked with Erin on a brand turnaround initiative where she masterfully motivated and led the team to delver top quality results on time. She brings out the best in people and their work performance. From packaging, to event marketing, to brand strategy to working with operations, she is a real pro, getting real results. I can strongly recommend Erin to add value to brand marketing business growth.”

Mark Osborne, Plant Manager nSpired Foods The Hain Celestial Group

“Erin is a detailed-oriented manager who combs over the balance sheet like a hawk with out losing sight of the strategic objective. A world class Brand Steward. Erin is on time with her deliverables and holds herself and her Team accountable.”

Carl Falcone, Chief Purchasing Manager, Annie’s