Delivering tailored business

transformation solutions to

company leadership with a specialized

focus In business, brand and marketing

 strategies and new product

development for the cpg and food

Industry. Design and deploy high-level

initiatives to enhance company

strategic positioning, develop New

product roadmaps, and lead new

product development and launch.

Exercise well-honed Entrepreneurial

acumen to seamlessly integrate as

inhouse intrapreneur fueling future

company growth.

We all know that innovation & high performance often manifest from behaviors that defy organizational norms – established ways of thinking and of doing things. We need courageous cultures.

Thinking outside the box requires a form of Rebel Talent where non-conformity promotes innovation and improves performance.

That’s me in a nutshell… bringing continued business turnaround and business growth to CPG brands. Authentic, focused on the goal to solve problems through critical thinking. My focus is how create the best outcomes for your company.

Being stuck is not a game plan.

The question is: what are you doing about it?

A dynamic marketplace is a never-ending opportunity for innovation and growth.

Charting a course into the future does not have to painful.

We work together in a phased approach to develop the building blocks of your strategy from which to set up the critical paths for execution of tactics to reach your goals.

Together we create a joyful evolution.