In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, 

in the expert's mind, there are few                 

                                                                                                                                Zen Buddhist Wisdom

Erin Isaacson Fray

Principal at Luminous Brands

Erin Fray is a highly experienced Business and Marketing Consultant to companies / brands with over 25 years of proven track record of growth. She has extensive experience in brand strategy development, having contributed to strategic growth for brands that include Premier Nutrition, Lucent Technologies, DuPont, Tropicana, Birds Eye, Duty Free Shopping, Seagram, Nestle, Hallmark, among others. Her passion and expertise lie in the natural products arena where she has contributed to grow brands such as Bare Foods, Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food, Kevita Sparkling Probiotic SuperDrink, Annie’s Homegrown, Annie’s Naturals, Saag’s Specialty Meats & Sausages (a division of Hormel Foods), and The Republic of Tea.

She pursued her interest in art at Smith College where she received her BA in Art History, and studied art and history in Paris her junior year. Erin continued her art education at Sotheby’s in London where she earned her Post-graduate Diploma in Fine and Decorative Art. She earned her MBA in Marketing from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Erin has studied and worked abroad in several countries, and speaks fluent French and conversational Spanish. Erin is a former member of the United States Rowing Team, where she competed in the World Championships in Europe.

Erin works with Senior Executives to develop business strategies and solutions for scalable growth.

Erin is the standing President of her class at Smith College through 2019.


Erin brings dynamic, forward-thinking professionalism with 25+ years of experience in strategic company growth combined with academic achievements including an MBA from the prestigious Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Throughout her career, she expertly employed dual expertise in analytical thinking and creative ideation to evaluate company operations and mission, identify opportunities for impactful change, and orchestrate organization-wide shifts toward strategic future growth.

She carries a proven track record in successfully implementing Blue Chip best practices in strategic planning, new product development, and rollout strategy to deliver high-impact product offerings to dynamic markets.

She strategically engages with key top-level stakeholders while empowering meaningful contribution from all personnel to collectively support objectives, influence change, and overcome challenges.

She shapes an action-focused path toward future success inclusive of all resources, needs and goals to invigorate and revive organizations.


Luminous Brands | Seattle, WA

Transformation Consultant | Intrapreneur | Acting CMO | CEO

Acme Ice Cream | Seattle & Bellingham, WA

Annie’s, Inc. | Berkeley, CA
Director of Product Innovation | Brand Management for Portfolio of Brands

Aegis Partners | San Francisco, CA
Strategy Consultant | Account Director

Nestlé USA | San Francisco & Glendale, CA
Brand Management for Portfolio of Beverage Brands

UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business | Berkeley, CA
MBA in Marketing

Sotheby’s Auction House & Art Institute | London, UK
Masters in Appraisal of Fine & Decorative Art

Smith College | Northampton, MA
BA in Art History | Nominated Rookie Athlete of the Year

United States Rowing Team
World Championships Competition | Belgium, EU

Philanthropic and Volunteer Outreach
FareStart Job Training for Great Food and Better Lives
Monroe Prison Defy Ventures CEO Mentorship Program
Numerous Advisory Boards